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DeepL's Write Pro Ignites Creativity in Business Communication

By Greg Tavarez

Clear communication is the lifeblood of any business, and bad writing can be a surprisingly expensive disease. Research suggests that poorly written emails, reports and other documents cost companies billions of dollars every year.

Before we dive into the stats, think about this: You receive an email from a colleague riddled with typos and unclear instructions. Deciphering the message takes extra time, and you might even need to follow up for clarification. This scenario, according to a Forbes survey, is a reality for nearly half of U.S. office workers. This wasted time translates to a drop in productivity.

Furthermore, the survey brings up the negative impact of poor communication on employee morale. When messages are unclear or confusing, it leads to frustration and a feeling of not being on the same page. This is reflected in the survey results, where 50% of respondents reported a decline in job satisfaction due to bad writing.

The stress factor is another crucial piece. Miscommunication creates uncertainty and anxiety. The survey found that 42% of workers experienced increased stress levels when dealing with unclear communication.

Bad writing isn't just a stylistic faux pas; it's a financial burden and a drain on employee morale. That is why it is important for organizations to invest in solutions that help with clear and concise communication. A solution such as DeepL’s DeepL Write Pro.

DeepL allows businesses to bridge communication gaps globally. DeepL Write acts as an AI writing partner. It sparks creativity in teams and refines their communication for maximum impact. DeepL Write Pro takes it further.

Forget auto-populated text and grammar checkers. DeepL Write Pro is a writer's creative muse in the drafting stage. Its real-time, AI-powered suggestions on word choice, phrasing, style and tone elevate text without sacrificing the writer's unique voice. This human-AI collaboration fosters a synergy that transforms writing while preserving authenticity.

DeepL Write Pro's strength lies in its ability to give writers, regardless of experience, an edge in communication. It helps them find the perfect words for any situation.

DeepL Write Pro, currently available in English and German with more languages planned, offers LLM-powered customization. Users can tailor their writing style and tone to achieve maximum impact. This lets businesses to not only write better, but also think creatively.

And, with data privacy concerns being a hurdle for generative AI adoption, DeepL Write Pro addresses this head-on with enterprise-grade security features like TLS encryption and text deletion for maximum data protection.

"Words matter, and language can be the competitive edge that moves the needle for global businesses," said Jarek Kutylowski, DeepL's founder and CEO. "DeepL Write Pro is our first product powered by our own LLMs and is the culmination of years of research and innovation that has set us apart from other tech giants.”

The new offering just adds to DeepL's suite of Language AI solutions that acts as a central hub to help teams elevate their writing and get the most out of their creative potential.

Edited by Alex Passett
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GenAIToday Editor

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