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ServiceNow Introduces AI Innovations for Enterprise Productivity

By Stefania Viscusi

ServiceNow, an AI platform for business transformation, introduced generative AI (GenAI) capabilities aimed at enhancing productivity and innovation across enterprises. This latest announcement includes a range of features and solutions designed to empower customers in their AI-driven transformation journeys.

The goal is to speed up the ease of integration of AI technologies into enterprise workflows, promising enhanced efficiency, improved customer experiences, and accelerated business growth.

“We have one of the most ambitious GenAI roadmaps in enterprise software today, and our customers are already seeing significant value from their Now Assist implementations. With our latest Now Assist solutions on the Now Platform, we’re helping organizations power enterprise-wide transformation so they can achieve new levels of productivity, innovation, and ultimately, business impact,” said Jon Sigler, senior vice president of Platform and AI at ServiceNow.

The new "BYO GenAI Model" provides customers with greater flexibility and choice in their AI transformations. This new capability allows organizations to customize their AI-driven initiatives according to their specific needs and preferences.

Expanding its Now Assist portfolio, it also launched Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) to enhance strategic planning by aligning it more effectively with customer feedback. The goal is to drive better business outcomes through improved decision-making and customer satisfaction.

Other new features like playbook generation, app generation, and knowledge article generation empower developers to expedite the development of low-code apps and digital workflows at scale. Additionally, new GenAI capabilities such as knowledge article generation, feedback summarization, and alert group simplification enhance agent workflows, boosting efficiency and knowledge sharing.

Finally, the integration of ServiceNow's capabilities into the Government Community Cloud (GCC) extends the benefits to public sector employees, enabling them to enhance customer experiences and address public needs more efficiently within a secure environment.

“Generative AI is catalyzing another wave of digital transformation to transform employee experiences & user productivity,” said Milind Wagle, Chief Information Officer, Equinix. “With Now Assist we can prescribe intelligent actions to HR practitioners, scale our business processes, drive self-service employee engagement, while increasing agent productivity by 30%.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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