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Next-Gen Enterprise, Now: IBM and SAP Partner on Generative AI Solutions

By Greg Tavarez

I remember sitting at a keynote session at ITEXPO 2024 in February and listening to Kate Soule, Program Director for Generative AI Research, IBM. She mentioned that she thinks of generative AI as if it were the movie, “The Good, the Bad the Ugly." She mentions that it’s good, but there are some ugly parts to it. To get into the “ugly,” read more about it here.

Soule also mentioned IBM and how its AI is responsible and governs. IBM’s AI is also transparent and designed to support a broader ecosystem.

For example, its Watsonx platform helps businesses get the most out of AI. AI models can be trained, tested and deployed; and AI development is ethical and responsible because regulations must be followed

Watsonx also offers pre-built AI assistants for specific tasks, like customer service chatbots or data analysis helpers. Its overall design is to make AI development and use more accessible and trustworthy for businesses.

In more recent news pertaining to IBM and AI, IBM and SAP SE announced their vision for the next era of their collaboration, which includes new generative AI capabilities and industry-specific cloud solutions that can help clients unlock business value.

SAP is a provider of enterprise software and business applications of AI. For more than five decades, organizations have relied on SAP to optimize their operations by integrating critical functions like finance, procurement, human resources, supply chain management and customer experience.

The collaboration between IBM Consulting and SAP will enhance business transformation powered by RISE with SAP, a cloud-based solution.

“This expanded partnership will help more of our joint customers reach new heights by innovating through the cloud, data and business AI to grow and transform their businesses,” said Scott Russell, Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Board Member, Customer Success of SAP SE.

They'll integrate cutting-edge AI capabilities into RISE with SAP, and IBM will initially extend AI across SAP's offerings by using the SAP Business Technology Platform. This includes solutions for finance, supply chain, HR and customer experience.

By using data insights, they'll build intelligent industry use cases across different sectors like manufacturing, retail, and utilities. IBM has already begun developing over 100 AI solutions for various industries. Clients can access these solutions through Innovation Studios and SAP Experience Centers.

They also aim to provide next-generation reference architectures for a modernized customer adoption approach. This includes using SAP BTP and other tools to define standards for data, processes and system integration. IBM will use its AI services platform to enhance project delivery for clients.

The two will collaborate through employee network groups and programs to develop the next generation of talent with expertise in SAP solutions. They'll also explore joint social impact initiatives focused on IT training and supply chain integration.

Furthermore, IBM's Granite Model Series will be accessible through SAP's generative AI hub, which expands on their existing collaboration in embedding AI into SAP solutions.

"IBM and SAP's shared approach to generative AI, built on an open ecosystem, trust and purpose-built models, will help empower clients to optimize business outcomes," said John Granger, Senior Vice President, IBM Consulting. "Our new Value Generation partnership initiative will enable clients to accelerate the path to innovation, competitive advantage and become a next generation enterprise through generative AI."

The long-story-short of this? The partnership has hopes to accelerate business transformation through AI integration, industry-specific solutions and a modernized customer experience.

Edited by Alex Passett
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GenAIToday Editor

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