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Upland Qvidian AI Assist Improves Response and Proposal Process with Generative AI

By Greg Tavarez

Responding to requests for proposals, or RFPs, is a crucial step in the sales cycle, but it can also be a time-consuming and tedious process. Crafting compelling proposals that effectively address client needs and stand out from the competition requires a huge amount of effort and expertise.

Recognizing these challenges, Upland Software, a provider of cloud-based digital transformation tools, is continuously innovating solutions to empower businesses. Their Qvidian platform is a go-to resource for organizations seeking to automate the request for proposal and proposal process. 

Qvidian streamlines various tasks associated with proposal creation, from managing content libraries to ensuring proposal compliance. And Upland is taking its commitment to proposal efficiency a step further with the introduction of Qvidian AI Assist.

Qvidian AI Assist easily integrates with Qvidian's existing functionalities and offers several key features.

Central to Qvidian's automation capabilities is automatic response generation. Qvidian AI Assist takes this a step further by analyzing proposal and response context to suggest relevant content. Users view these AI-generated suggestions within the AutoFill results and directly incorporate them into their proposals.

Qvidian AI Assist will let users jumpstart content creation or tailor existing content to specific client requirements. The generative AI technology allows users to refine wording, integrate additional information and effortlessly revise and improve responses.

To guarantee consistent and compliant responses, Qvidian AI Assist automatically flags any content generated by the AI model. This transparency allows users to maintain control over the final proposal content.

Qvidian AI Assist comes pre-loaded with various prompts and suggestions to guide users through content revision processes. Users can also create their own prompts, store them for future use and share them with colleagues.

“At Upland Qvidian, we’re dedicated to building powerful generative AI tools that our users need to personalize their proposals,” said Shawn Freligh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Content Lifecycle Automation Solutions at Upland. “Our goal is to create generative AI tools that enhance our users’ productivity. Qvidian AI Assist is the first step in providing our customers with new ways to quickly deliver consistent, compliant and responsive proposals and responses that are critical to winning business.”

Upland prioritizes data isolation, tracking and security when developing new features. Qvidian AI Assist aligns with this commitment and represents one of several generative AI initiatives being implemented across Upland's product portfolio by the company's dedicated AI Council.

The long-story-short of this? This new offering equips businesses with the tools and features needed to create unique and customized proposals in a time-efficient manner, ultimately boosting productivity and securing more deals.

Edited by Alex Passett
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GenAIToday Editor

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