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Secure and Customizable GenAI Security, Courtesy of CalypsoAI

By Alex Passett

In the AI-filling-every-other-news-story age we’re currently living in, one sought-after advancement in AI security is being able to equip teams with the tools they need to build, test and deploy highly customized AI security measures. Traditional security solutions – especially those reliant upon pre-defined rulesets for identifying potential threats – are being utilized less and less, given the ever-sophisticated nature of today’s evolving threat landscape.

In this vein, we have news regarding CalypsoAI.

Harness AI safely.” Is the CalypsoAI M.O., short and sweet. CalypsoAI’s model-agnostic GenAI enablement platform – featured over the past year in Forbes, Axios, The Wall Street Journal and elsewhere – empowers organizations to leverage AI safely and securely. As mentioned, progressing towards the testing and launching of deep learning models for secure applications may feel daunting, but CalypsoAI offers a means of smartly tackling new generative technologies. The company’s roster of experts in data science, machine learning, engineering and industrial design help modernization-minded organizations navigate the complex security, governance and data risks often posed by AI.

That’s the CalypsoAI context. Here’s the news:

Recently, CalypsoAI announced two new solutions – its Generative AI Security Scanner and additional security functionalities for chat platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

  • The Generative AI Security Scanner allows organizations to, to which the name alludes, design their own AI-powered scanners. Tailored to address specific threats and vulnerabilities, users are able to set detailed policies, block and/or redact selected categories of content, and much more. From CalypsoAI’s official announcement, this solution “unlocks ultimate customization,” giving various departments within organizations – IT, finance, marketing, HR and so on – the ability to “adapt security settings to their precise needs, with a level detail that extends to industry-specific protections like safeguarding new drug formulations for pharmaceuticals or proprietary data in the financial sector.”
  • Additionally, the security enhancements for enterprise chatbots involve a new “seamless functionality integration” that makes existing workflows easier to manage (without disruptions to day-to-day tasks and overall operations). According to the announcement, it supports “various models and vendors, from OpenAI and Anthropic to private Azure models, and includes powerful tools like the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) system for secure document handling and query support within human user and AI chat interfaces.”

Put these together, and it seems like CalypsoAI is underscoring its commitment to ensuring that businesses can adapt quickly to emerging threats while maintaining rigorous compliance.

“When CalypsoAI created the AI security category,” explained Neil Serebryany, founder and CEO of CalypsoAI, “we recognized early that organizations need more than just security — they also need full-on enablement. As market needs have grown, we have continued to innovate, now offering a full suite of AI Orchestration tooling. Our solutions revolutionize enterprise security by allowing organizations to precisely tailor their AI defenses and control AI securely and compliantly. This integrated approach not only enhances data protection, but also optimizes communication workflows across platforms, ensuring teams can collaborate safely and effectively.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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