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Nutanix and NVIDIA Collaboration Democratizes AI

By Greg Tavarez

The public cloud has become a breeding ground for AI innovation; due to the powerful infrastructure and specialized tools it offers, it's perfectly suited for the demanding needs of AI applications.

But there's a catch - only a handful of large enterprises, equipped with teams of data scientists, have managed to leverage the full potential of generative AI within the cloud environment.

Despite this limited adoption, a strong desire to boost their AI capabilities exists amongst most businesses, as highlighted in the State of Enterprise AI report. This includes increasing investments in "edge computing," which processes data closer to its source, outside the centralized cloud.

The current challenge lies in bridging the gap. Businesses need a clear path to integrate GenAI across their entire organization. They require a way to make sophisticated AI, like GenAI, readily accessible and useable for a wider range of companies, not just the tech giants with vast resources.

Nutanix and NVIDIA have a solution for that.

Nutanix offers organizations a single platform for running apps and data across clouds. With Nutanix, companies reduce complexity and simplify operations, which frees them to focus on their business outcomes.

NVIDIA is known throughout the tech space for their GPUs. These chips are the muscle behind high-quality visuals in gaming and design applications. Their GPUs are also used in AI and power everything from data analysis to self-driving cars.

The purpose of the collaboration between the two is aimed at helping enterprises more easily adopt GenAI. Accomplishing that will be done through the integration of NVIDIA NIM inference microservices with Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box 2.0

Nutanix's GPT-in-a-Box 2.0 simplifies building the foundation for AI. It integrates with their data storage and offers features to easily deploy and secure AI models.

NVIDIA's NIM microservices, running on Nutanix's platform, allow businesses to use various AI models, including open-source and custom ones. Additionally, Nutanix supports the latest NVIDIA software for streamlined AI development and deployment, further reducing the need for extensive in-house expertise.

“Enterprises are looking to simplify GenAI adoption, and Nutanix enables customers to move to production more easily while maintaining control, privacy and cost,” said Tarkan Maner, Chief Commercial Officer at Nutanix. “This collaboration will add to this value by making it even easier for customers to leverage NVIDIA’s latest innovation with NIM.”

Because of the integration, customers will build scalable, secure, high-performance GenAI applications across the enterprise and at the edge.

“The integration of NVIDIA NIM into Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box gives enterprises an AI-ready solution for rapidly deploying optimized models in production,” said Manuvir Das, Vice President of Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA.

Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box 2.0 is expected to be available in the second half of 2024.

Edited by Alex Passett
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GenAIToday Editor

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