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ICYMI: News in the Generative AI Space

By Greg Tavarez

Generative AI continues to surpass its analytical counterpart by conjuring entirely new realities. Unlike traditional AI adept at dissecting existing data, GenAI uses machine learning to ingest massive datasets, unearth hidden patterns and then weave them into fresh content.

As more solutions continue to incorporate GenAI, no doubt this tech will continue to reshape our experiences at work, at home and everywhere in between. Still unsure if it will? Let’s take a look at what’s happening around GenAI.

Tungsten Automation’s GenAI-Powered Products and Enhancements

Tungsten Automation, a provider of intelligent automation software, announced a wave of new product offerings and upgrades powered by GenAI technology. Copilot for Extraction uses natural language processing to allow users to describe what data they want to extract from documents. InvoiceAgility is a unified invoice processing solution designed to handle invoices across various formats and regions.

The company also announced updates to its existing products, including Printix and Power PDF. These upgrades focus on improved usability, cloud functionality and integration with Tungsten Automation’s AI platform, TotalAgility.

Tungsten Automation says each product aims to simplify workflows, enhance efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Info-Tech Urges Businesses to Secure Data, Mitigate Risks

Info-Tech Research Group released a report to guide businesses on navigating contracts for GenAI technologies. There is a growing demand for AI solutions, and it is important to craft strong GenAI contracts to mitigate risks associated with data security, legal issues and potential bias within the AI itself. Info-Tech emphasizes that IT leaders should establish clear AI guiding principles before negotiating with vendors to ensure responsible AI implementation that safeguards technical and non-technical staff. This approach allows businesses to get the most out of AI while minimizing risks and maintaining a competitive edge.

WhyLabs Platform Prevents Security Threats and Bad User Experiences

WhyLabs, a company specializing in AI observability and security, launched a new platform called WhyLabs AI Control Center, designed to address the security and reliability challenges that come with GenAI. The WhyLabs AI Control Center offers real-time control over AI applications. It assesses data from various sources, including user prompts, responses and application metadata, to identify potential threats. The platform can prevent unsafe interactions in under 300 milliseconds with high accuracy.

This new platform allows engineering, security and business teams to proactively manage risks associated with generative AI. Benefits include preventing security threats, unsafe user experiences and improving model evaluation. WhyLabs AI Control Center is available and joins WhyLabs’ existing solutions for predictive model health.

Amazon Q, The AI Assistant That Transforms How Businesses Use Data

Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of Amazon Q. For developers, Amazon Q offers features like code generation, testing, debugging and multi-step planning. It also automates tasks like upgrading applications and finding security vulnerabilities.

Amazon Q Business is another offering aimed at businesses. It answers questions, generates reports and presentations, and finds insights from data spread across a company's various systems. It connects to over 40 business tools and prioritizes security and privacy by integrating with existing access permissions.

Finally, AWS unveiled Amazon Q Apps, a new feature that allows employees to build generative AI-powered applications without needing to write code. They can describe the app they want in natural language and Q Apps will build it for them. Launches CASB Neural, a company specializing in cloud security, launched CASB Neural, a new tool that utilizes deep learning AI to manage cloud data security and prevent leaks. CASB Neural uses AI to directly analyze documents and identify sensitive information like personal data and intellectual property. This not only improves accuracy but also simplifies the process for users. The company is offering a 30-day free trial of CASB Neural.

Iterable’s AI-Powered Journey Builder

Iterable, a customer engagement platform, announced new features that focus on using AI to streamline marketing tasks and personalize customer experiences.

Journey Assist uses generative AI to help marketers build customer journeys faster by using natural language prompts. Brand Affinity Reporting uses AI to analyze customer sentiment and interactions with marketing campaigns.

Iterable also introduced new tools to reach global audiences. Native WhatsApp integration allows businesses to send automated and personalized messages to customers using WhatsApp. Smart Segmentation simplifies the process of creating precise audience segments for targeted marketing campaigns.

Harmonic Security Launches Harmonic Insights

Harmonic Security launched Harmonic Insights, a data security platform designed to address security concerns around GenAI adoption. Harmonic Insights helps organizations safely use this technology by monitoring and securing sensitive data. This launch coincides with a strategic investment from In-Q-Tel, Inc., a nonprofit investor supporting the U.S. national security community. This investment, alongside Harmonic Security's initial $7 million seed funding round, positions the company for further growth.

We continue to see how GenAI is being used to make things easier at work. If you want to learn more about GenAI and how it can help your business, be a part of the discussion about the latest trends and developments in the GenAI space at Generative AI Expo, taking place February 11-13, 2025, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Generative AI Expo discusses the evolution of GenAI and feature conversations focused on the potential for GenAI across industries and how the technology is already being used to create new opportunities for businesses to improve operations, enhance customer experiences and create new growth opportunities.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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