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Deloitte Leverages Tech Titans HPE and NVIDIA for Next-Gen AI Solutions

By Greg Tavarez

As a trusted adviser, Deloitte offers services in audit, consulting, tax and advisory. Their goal is to make a positive difference by fostering trust and a fairer society. By combining business expertise, technology know-how and strong tech partnerships, Deloitte guides clients from various industries toward building a successful future.

HPE helps businesses get the most out of their data, anywhere it's stored. They've been around for years, constantly creating new technology solutions to improve how we work and live. HPE offers a wide range of services, from cloud computing to advanced data storage, all designed to work seamlessly together. This lets businesses develop innovative strategies, improve how they interact with customers and run more efficiently.

Although known for its GPUs, NVIDIA also develops AI technology and other processing units used in various fields like data centers and self-driving cars. The company is well-respected in its field and constantly pushes the boundaries of what's possible with computer graphics and AI.

And, in a move poised to accelerate enterprise digital transformation, Deloitte announced a new collaboration with HPE and NVIDIA that uses the recently unveiled NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE solution portfolio. This partnership combines Deloitte's deep industry expertise and AI capabilities with HPE's technology to equip businesses with generative AI.

A cornerstone of this collaboration is the HPE Private Cloud AI, a co-developed, turnkey solution designed to streamline the deployment and implementation of GenAI applications. This full-stack private cloud platform will equip Deloitte's clients to rapidly bring industry-specific GenAI use cases to life.

This initiative aligns with Deloitte's IndustryAdvantage commitment, a program focused on co-creation and innovation with key partners to address specific challenges faced by different sectors. By fostering collaboration, Deloitte aims to deliver impactful transformations that propel businesses forward.

“As leaders seek high-performing enterprise AI and data solutions that tackle their most critical business challenges, our collaboration with HPE and NVIDIA marks a natural next step in our commitment to bringing our clients actionable insights backed by the power of HPE technology and NVIDIA full-stack accelerated computing,” said Jim Rowan, AI Market Activation Leader and Principal, Deloitte.

The first industry-specific solution born from this collaboration is a digital twin application built on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform and powered by HPE GreenLake. This application, delivered on NVIDIA's latest accelerated computing solutions, uses Deloitte's fast development methodology to assist manufacturers of all digital maturity levels. It lets them efficiently extract and manage data critical for pioneering, engineering and deploying advanced manufacturing simulations.

For instance, manufacturers can utilize the platform to incorporate previously untapped data sources, simulate outcomes, optimize the efficiency of new facilities, predict potential problems and test new products or material compositions.

The collaboration promises to deliver additional industry-specific solutions that leverage HPE Private Cloud AI's full-stack capabilities for GenAI. These solutions will be built upon NVIDIA's accelerated computing technology and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

“Generative AI is transforming every industry, and businesses are seeking full-stack infrastructure and software to give them a fast path to adoption,” said Alvin DaCosta, Vice President of the NPN Consulting Organization at NVIDIA. “The combination of the most advanced NVIDIA and HPE computing, software and services with Deloitte's industry expertise helps enterprises accelerate their generative AI deployments.”

This announcement is the start of another chapter in the long-standing partnership between Deloitte and HPE that’s lasted over 25 years. Their joint efforts have consistently resulted in future-proof solutions across hybrid cloud, edge computing, and IoT.

The expanded collaboration also reinforces Deloitte's ongoing commitment to working with NVIDIA to equip businesses with AI solutions powered by the complete NVIDIA hardware and software stack.

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Edited by Alex Passett
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