Traceable AI Introduces Generative AI API Protection


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Traceable AI Introduces Generative AI API Protection

By Greg Tavarez

Companies are embracing AI tools like powerful LLMs to enhance critical applications. The issue with this is that new security risks can subsequently be created. Hackers can exploit AI's vulnerabilities, like manipulating prompts to trick the system or stealing sensitive information the AI might uncover.

Therefore, companies must prioritize stringent security measures to ensure safe and reliable AI use. Traceable AI is addressing this urgent cybersecurity challenge directly: protecting the APIs that power connections between LLMs and other application services and users.

To achieve that, Traceable announced an Early Access Program for its new Generative AI API Security capabilities. This Early Access program extends their existing API security platform with features specifically designed to address the unique threats posed by integrating LLMs into applications.

The program equips organizations with a dedicated Generative AI API Security Dashboard to provide a centralized view of their LLM API security posture. This transparency allows for informed decision-making when integrating generative AI.

Traceable also facilitates a unique approach to LLM API security. The program includes:

  • Discovery and Cataloging: A thorough discovery and cataloging process will make certain that all LLM APIs within an application ecosystem are accounted for.
  • LLM API Vulnerability Testing: Specialized vulnerability testing identifies and mitigates weaknesses specific to LLM APIs.
  • Real-Time Traffic Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of traffic to and from LLM APIs allows for fast detection and response to potential threats.

Additionally, Traceable prioritizes data security. Mechanisms within the platform identify and prevent sensitive data from reaching LLM APIs. The program proactively identifies and blocks threats outlined in the OWASP LLM Top 10, including prompt injection, data exposure, insecure outputs and model denial-of-service attacks.

“With the introduction of our Generative AI API Security capabilities, we are helping enterprises to embrace the potential of AI technologies while securing their API ecosystem,” said Sanjay Nagaraj, co-founder and CTO at Traceable. “Having collaborated closely with our customers, we understand the critical importance of addressing the unique security challenges posed by LLM-powered applications.”

These new capabilities build on Traceable's established leadership in the API security market. By addressing security challenges in Generative AI, Traceable aims to help organizations adopt this technology with confidence.

Edited by Alex Passett
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