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SolarWinds AI Tackles IT Ticket Backlogs

By Greg Tavarez

Some of you might see the name “SolarWinds” and think back on the data breach from a few years ago. Sure, that happened; still, it should not be forgotten that SolarWinds is a frontrunner in the development of software designed to simplify, secure and help IT professionals on their digital transformation journeys. Their core mission is to equip businesses of all sizes and structures with the tools necessary to gain a holistic understanding of their complex, hybrid network environments.

Through continuous interaction with various IT specialists – including service and operations professionals, DevOps and SecOps teams and database administrators – SolarWinds tackles the many challenges in managing modern IT infrastructure. Their product portfolio encompasses observability tools for comprehensive monitoring, IT service management software for streamlined operations, application performance solutions for optimal functionality and database management platforms for efficient data handling.

Adding to its product portfolio, SolarWinds launched SolarWinds AI to change how IT tackles modern digital complexities. This custom-built AI engine, developed with security and privacy in mind, is being introduced first in their IT service management solution, SolarWinds Service Desk.

SolarWinds AI equips agents with a powerful new feature designed to streamline their workflows and reduce resolution times for IT tickets. This translates to minimized downtime and outages to create a smoother experience for everyone in the organization. SolarWinds AI instantly summarizes ticket history, suggests responses and recommends real-time steps for solving issues.

The AI by Design framework ensures responsible AI development focused on four key principles.

The first circles around security. Data privacy is important (cannot stress this enough). SolarWinds AI uses advanced security measures to protect information, including access controls and anonymization techniques.

Fairness and responsibility are the second principle. Humans remain in the loop to prevent bias in AI decisions. User feedback and validation mechanisms make sure that human judgment remains a vital part of the process.

The third principle? Transparency builds trust. SolarWinds AI explains the reasoning behind its recommendations. What this results in is a boost in user confidence and ongoing refinement based on evolving needs.

The fourth principle is seamless integration. SolarWinds AI integrates easily within existing workflows to minimize disruption for a smooth user experience.

“In creating SolarWinds AI, we leveraged our long history of engaging with the IT community to build an AI system that could act as a valued partner to IT pros in their everyday lives and reimagine the productivity, efficiency, and innovation they’re capable of,” said Krishna Sai, Senior Vice President of Engineering at SolarWinds. “We believe that our new AI by Design framework sets a model for how the broader industry should approach AI, built on our belief that privacy, security and trust must be inherent to any AI system.”

SolarWinds is committed to improving the lives of IT professionals. They actively address new challenges faced by tech teams, just like their successful Secure by Design program. Now, they're at the front of the industry with AI by Design.

Edited by Alex Passett
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GenAIToday Editor

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