CDG and Innovation Incubator Alliance Advances AI in the Broadband Industry


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CDG and Innovation Incubator Alliance Advances AI in the Broadband Industry

By Greg Tavarez

The telecommunications industry has seen customer expectations evolve and technology advance over the years. As a result, broadband service providers, or BSPs, seek solutions that help them optimize their operations and enhance the subscriber experience.

This demand has paved the way for a strategic alliance between Communications Data Group, or CDG, and Innovation Incubator, an AWS partner. This collaboration aims to create solutions that integrate with CDG's existing OSS/BSS platform as well as transform how BSPs manage carrier and provider services and operations.

CDG's expertise lies in its OSS/BSS platform, a tool used for managing service delivery and network operations. Innovation Incubator, an AWS partner, brings its extensive knowledge of cloud-based solutions and expertise in building GenAI applications. This unique combination paves the way for the development of products that will impact the AI industry and the way BSPs interact with their subscribers.

The initial focus of the collaboration will be on incorporating three key AI-powered solutions into CDG's platform.

AWS Bedrock Knowledgebase Powered AI Chatbots

These AI-powered chatbots change customer support by providing real-time, personalized assistance to subscribers. By utilizing the knowledge base of AWS Bedrock, these chatbots are equipped to answer a wide range of customer inquiries accurately and efficiently. Doing this reduces wait times and improves overall satisfaction.

360 Customer Dashboards with Digital Twins

This feature creates an improved view of each subscriber's network experience. Digital twins, virtual representations of network equipment and devices, provide real-time insights into potential issues, which allows for proactive troubleshooting and reduces service disruptions. This level of transparency helps BSPs and subscribers identify and resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Generative Business Intelligence (BI) Suite

This suite uses GenAI to automatically generate reports and recommendations. By analyzing vast amounts of data, the BI suite identifies trends, predicts potential issues and suggests proactive measures to optimize network performance and subscriber experience.

“Establishing a partnership with Innovation Incubator was the next logical step to help us evolve our OSS/BSS capabilities,” said CDG's CTO, Tony Stout. “CDG is undergoing a complete transformation in how we develop and deliver our platform solutions, and we expect significant time and cost savings and increased speed to market through leveraging the power of the AWS cloud platform and the vision and experience of Innovation Incubator.”

The impact of this collaboration represents a significant step forward for the AI industry. The successful integration of these AI solutions into CDG's platform sets a precedent for other companies to explore the possibilities of AI and its transformative potential in their respective fields.

"CDG is uniquely positioned to transform the $0.14T US Telecom OSS/BSS market," said Antony Satyadas, CEO Managing Partner and co-founder of Innovation Incubator's group of companies. "Our innovation lab and integration services, rooted in decades of AI experience and a nine-year partnership with AWS, allow us to inject the right blend of self-service and hyper-automation into CDG solutions."

Edited by Alex Passett
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